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The economy looks poised to take a catastrophic blow that could push us into a global recession for years to come.

That puts all of our financial security at risk and that’s what I’m trying to help with today.

You never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone… and now more than ever that seems apparent.

Since the virus began spreading, we’ve had thousands of businesses fold, travel bans and even a mass house arrest being implemented across the world’s most developed nations.

We’ve already felt the crunch somewhat in the UK. Punters are among the first  being hit as seemingly all popular sport vanished overnight.

Sitting and waiting for 6 months to pass cowering in our homes is no way to respond to this threat and I’m here to offer some alternatives.

Again – take the necessary precautions at every available turn.

But to let this pandemic take over every facet of your life is completely unnecessary and will be a source of misery we put unto ourselves.

Unless we operate from a mindset of abundance and not one of scarcity.

The silver lining of all great struggles is it brings out the communal spirit in us.

So having been in this industry for many years I was so happy to see the subreddits and blogs full of punters bouncing ideas off each other on how to work around the situation at hand.

By using tips and pointers from the community I’ve managed to maintain my profit during the cancellation of games and with my formula I can help you do the same.

We may have to quarantine ourselves and limit face to face interactions, but we can still be proactive.

The best time to act is always NOW and we’ve got more time on our hands now than ever.

I’m certain by following the plan we’ve created, you can secure and even increase your monthly profits and take away the added financial pressure of what’s already a very stressful situation.

Take a second to imagine what it’ll feel like to emerge out of this pandemic better off than you are right now…

It might rub some people the wrong way.

But the truth is the are still TONS of things to successfully profit from during the current crisis and you can take advantage or stay at home and twiddle your thumbs.

How do I know this with certainty?

There were over 100 pro football matches available in the last week with friendlies and lesser known leagues…

As well as a handful of other sports still active and even the fastest growing sporting industry in the world!

There hasn’t actually been a day (yet) with nothing to do and surprisingly, some sports don’t even require contestants to be in the same room!

Essentially, I’m looking at an unprecedented situation that could undo the last 6 months of hard work.

Or it could make me DOUBLE the profits thanks to bookies boosting odds in an attempt to keep us interested in what’s left!
And regardless of what anyone says, there is STILL plenty betting available.

Armed with this new outlook I managed to make over £2,100 since the Premier League got cancelled in mid-march 

Here is where most of my activity has been focused on:

Our last huge financial crash was in 1920 and here is what happened…

The working, middle class and small businesses of the era suffered tremendously.

But forthe rich and powerful, the Roaring Twenties were the best of times. In the US, the halving of the top rate of income tax to 32% meant more money for speculation in the stock and property markets.

Share prices rose sixfold on Wall Street in the decade leading up to the Wall Street Crash.

So let’s say Wall Street is the bookmaker, the working and middle-class are the regular, mainstream punters and the rich and powerful are us – the professional punters.

Bookmakers are losing tons a day (imagine the amount of staff they have to pay through this awful period). And odds prices are at an all time high to attract punters to what is left of the market.

We are in the strongest position EVER!

The immediate effect on our pockets are clear.

If you observe what’s happening on Bet365, you’ll notice that they are struggling. The odds they pick are almost identical for up to10 matches in a row. They ever reduce the amount of variety with around 4 markets available per football game. 

But they still have to pay out for winners. Nothing else matters.

So I have combined everything I know into a rescue package for this current situation.

Some people have told me I’m mad and should stay quiet. But I don’t feel it’s right to let this virus defeat us.

Let’s make betting history!

You’ve got to trust me to deliver what I’m about to promise.

And I’ve got to trust that if you join me, you will come with a positive attitude and work ethic.

We all have to be careful about how we spend our money right now.
And that’s understandable.

It’s a time of solidarity and giving, not sales and marketing. At the end of the day, if I can help you through this crisis by showing you what I’m doing, the Daddybot community stays strong and we can return to our normal activities once this is all over.

That’s why right up front I want you to know that there is an unconditional money back guarantee.

So in effect, you only have to pay for the ongoing advice if you are absolutely delighted by the results.

I have also made sure that the Immunity Plan subscription fee is as low as I can make it. After all, this is all about you making a lot of money, not having to spend it!So here’s what I propose:

You can get everything I have mentioned in the invitation for a whole year for just £27.

That works out at the equivalent of just £0.51 PER WEEK!

I hope you will agree that for the potential financial peace-of-mind, that’s a tiny price to pay.

And remember, you won’t even have to pay that if you decide – at any time in the next 3 months – that you don’t want to continue.

I’m not going ask for a reason or demand proof.

Everything I’ve sent you will be yours to keep.So let me match you up to a new income source based on your personal strengths and situation.

Let me help you set it up, with my ongoing support.

Watch REAL money come in.

And only THEN make a decision about whether my help has made a real and positive difference to your life. To take me up on my challenge, click on the link below and you can get a ONE YEAR risk free membership to the Immunity Plan.

But please, don’t waste another moment.

The stakes are too high for missing out.

As I mentioned earlier, I am only opening this for 7 days.

I want to make sure that everyone who joins is starting at the same time, so that I can make sure that you get my full support.

I don’t want people joining weeks or months later – we are all on the same journey – and we will be taking steps together.

So, please understand that I will be closing the doors on this at midnight on Friday 3rd April 2020.

Each and every one of us faces an unknown future.

We are entering months – perhaps years – of uncertainty.

But I can help you to have more certainty in one important area of your life.

I’ll do whatever you can to secure your financial future in a world heading for crisis.

This isn’t just about making money just to have the nice things in life…

This is all about survival – protecting all that we hold dear.

It’s what you do TODAY that could have the greatest impact on your life.

So let’s work together!

Join for a risk-free trial of Immunity Plan today and I’ll help you to set up an income you can rely on, whatever happens.

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