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Simplish uses an 850-word vocabulary based on C.K. Ogden’s Basic English plus 100 specialized words to be selected and 50 international
words for paraphrasing through fully rewriting text in simple English. It also includes our own 30,000-words dictionary
to help process legal/scientific/technical material; with these complex words explained in footnotes using the Basic English vocabulary.

This approach allows for infinite expressiveness using a FIXED finite vocabulary. Other methods of rewording or paraphrasing text typically
change only those words or phrases they have a replacement for but leave many words untouched, so that the final vocabulary is
unpredicatable. Our system replaces ALL words so the final text has a finite predictable 1,000 words vocabulary.

Our summaries are produced on the basis of semantic relevance and NOT word-frequency, which is not a reliable method since often important
material is not mentioned often and could be missed. By using our legal, scientific and business dictionaries, even complex material can be
summarized successfully. Platinum subscribers are able to use multiple languages both for summaries and also for rewording text.

Our method involves generating an ideogram for each sentence, generating a volume of interest around the sequence
produced by the first document, and including in the summary any sentences from other documents that fall within this volume; i.e. have
added knowledge. Platinum subscribers are able to use multiple languages both for multi-document summaries and also for rewording.

You can try it for free! After checking the spelling and using the grammar checker, you can easily simplify text online, summarize and generate content. All of this for free with a limit of 5000 words.If you are happy with it, you can subscribe and have full access to the service. If you need to process languages other than English please subscribe to the Premium or Platinum service.

CHOOSE YOUR OPTIONS Vocabulary: Basic/International Scientific Comercial Philosophy Legal The specialized vocabulary in these dictionaries is fully explained in footnotes using the Basic vocabulary.

Enter your reference document as the first text an then all your other contents, such as documents, texts or URLs, in any Google language (only Platinum subscribers) You can process all the content of your choice and obtain an automatic summary Choose the level of relevance and equivalence required.

English is the dominant language on the web and in general for communicating today. In a wide range of areas such as business, Law, entertainment, technology, science and even literature, it acts as the lingua Franca that allows us to interact successfully in today’s global economy. Moreover, English contains more words than any other language on the planet; more than 1 million in total.

We use a different approach to the error-prone process of translation between languages: we aim Simplish at users who have some knowledge of English and so will be able to read the text after a process of Simplification. When translating from one language to another, particulaly between languages with different linguistic roots, sometimes crucial information can be wrongly translated.

Simplish can improve reading, learning, and teaching by rewording difficult English, for faster comprehension. It helps teachers produce engaging lessons using a fixed reduced vocabulary every student understands, and thereby help improve learning outcomes. In fact, Basic English grammar is not different from that of standard English, it simply takes in only a part that can later be expanded bit by bit as the student becomes more fluent.

Potentially, Basic English is to Artificial Intelligence what Arabic numerals are to Mathematics. The advantages of using a small finite vocabulary of 1,000 words, instead of the 1 million plus of standard English, far outweigh the disadvantages caused by a small loss in information content or conversion mistakes. Simplish is currently being used by customers in applications such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, virtual assistants and analytics systems.

Using our general cognition engine and Simplish, we are able to generate a multi-lingual multi-document summary, based on a representation of knowledge in the form of a sequence of multi-dimensional ideograms, very similar to the ideas behind Chinese symbols, making our system capable of “understanding” language and producing more coherent, better quality summaries than those produced using conventional methods.

Among other things, important information is often not mentioned many times, and so standard methods can yield inadequate results. Our algorithm does not look at specific pre-selected words, word frequencies, ontologies, topic maps, word sequences, pattern-matching or any prior training! Our strategy is based on Peirce’s ideas on abduction and uses relevance as the criterion for including/excluding sentences.

Summarize and/or Simplify your own files and have your own personal dictionary

Interesting bits of news we have recently posted

Often the pre-processing step is the hardest and choosing the vocabulary is a big part of that. Simplish has a scientific/technology/legal dictionary with more than 30,000 words explained using the 1,000 Basic words. Moreover, subscribers can add words to their own personal dictionaries so files are reduced to the specific vocabulary size the user needs.

We are working on a full display of the Basic vocabulary in Chinese so we can explore one way this vocabulary could be adequately updated in the near future. A high definition version is available on Displate:

You will find famous texts and readings converted into basic English here:

Do you need to interact with people whose mother

If you need to generate business, technical, marketing, legal material or even make your site easier for an international audience and be sure the recipient has understood what you are writing, reducing the size of the vocabulary used in the text is a reliable way of making it more easily understood. The system is not perfect and the resulting text might need to be edited, particularly because of brand names for example, but you will quickly find that the improved readability shows through in less confusion, fewer queries/objections and more business.

Phonetics: the physical manifestation of language in sound waves…

If you need to simplify/paraphrase text, do multi-lingual multi-document summaries or just read complex scientific/legal/business material, it will probably be easier to understand it after being changed into Basic English. Complex words are described in footnotes; thus avoiding looking them up in a normal dictionary that will likely contain a few other words the reader will in turn need to look up!

This work has been used as a textbook in many fields including linguistics, philosophy, language, cognitive science and most recently semantics and semiotics in general. The chief idea probably is that Words and Things are connected “through their occurrence together with things, their linkage with them in a ‘context’ that Symbols come to play that important part in our life [even] the source of all our power over the external world”.

In this context system, the authors develop a 3-part semiotics—symbol, thought and referent with three relations between them. Symbols are then “those signs which men use to communicate one with another and as instruments of thought, occupy a peculiar place… All discursive symbolization involves… weaving together of contexts into higher contexts… So, for a word to be understood requires that it form a context with further experiences”…

(available during US EST office hours, but you can try anytime…)

Ensure that your text is clear, accurate and easy to understand by using our translation service. Currently, we are able to offer a service from our experienced in-house human translators to help bring your texts from French, Italian, German, and Spanish to Standard or Basic English.

This is the easiest way to bring your texts into Standard or Basic English, while fixing the issues that arise from machine translation. Your texts will be corrected by a native English speaker. We are also able to offer our in-house content generation resources to help you with summaries, technical reports and even speech writing.

This full service uses your instructions and texts, or our own knowledge-extraction and summarizing capabilities, to create a well-designed fully-edited package. Your materials, specialized summaries, presentations, speeches or papers will be ready for professional use in standard or Basic English.

Examples Simplish/Summary

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Registered in England with number 4070363. UK and worldwide patents pending.

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